Wangedigala is a mountain range which will certainly awe strike your hodophile life.. Before entirely witnessing its beauty on the top, the hilly way through cool collonades of pines which will lead u there will make your senses pleased to the adventurous mind will never miss wangedigala mount that directly faces ranges of other mountains along with the beautiful cascade of babarakanda fall… It is an ideal heavenly mountain that is bestowed with marvels of nature that one should never miss..

From Bandarawela – Reach Kumbalwela Junction along the Bandarawela Badulla Main road.  After 2 hrs you can see this beautiful area.  Two of the main mountain ranges at Balangoda are the Balatoduwa and Gommolli mountain ranges.  The mountain is 2,034 meters (6,973 ft) above sea level.  It is the 13th highest mountain in Sri Lanka.
 One of the best places to camp at Wangedigala is the public transport service.  It is important to conserve water.  It is advisable to carry at least 2 liters of water (per person).
 You can also visit Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls while crossing the Phineas forest.  A small well and a dilapidated bridge across a stream cross the road.
 The climb to Wangendigala starts off with a beautiful ride through a forest of phineas, but the scabs on the mountain are scratched;  Clothes that cover your hands and feet are minimized.
 Another beautiful spot to visit during the Wangedeigala tour is the Surathali Falls, which rises 60 meters in height.

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