Thuparamaya is the first stupa built after the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka.  The earliest place of this place was the temple of King Maheja the Devil who was made by King Pandukabhaya.  This is the first stupa which was taken by King Pethissa II after the arrival of the Arahant Mahinda Thero.  Devanampiyatissa pointed out to King Devanampiyatissa that the sacred Buddha relics were enshrined to pay homage to the Buddha.  According to the king’s request, the Sumana nomads who came to India met Emperor Ashoka and obtained the sacred relics of Lord Buddha and other relics.  As the King was carrying the sacred relics on the elephant, the elephant was resting in one place.  On the advice of the Venerable Mahinda Thero, the soil was taken from the Abhaya Tank and the sacred relics of the elephants were brought from the inside of the kingdom and built the Thuparama stupa.  At the beginning, the stupa was shaped like a heap, but after the restoration of 1864, the stupa was shaped to be 59 feet in diameter and 63 feet high.  Thanks to a circular platform built 11 feet 2 inches from the ground.
 The first motive is the pious motive.  The stupa was initially positive, but after the 1864 Reformation it was shaped like a bell.  There are many carvings and other places of worship such as the Elephant Pokuna, the Bodhi Ghara, the statue, the Padalasa, the Chetiya, the Dhansala and the Meeni monastery.


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