Sinharaja is of international significance and has been designated Biosphere reserve and world heritage site by UNESCO. this forest reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. This forest covers an extent of an approximately 11.187 HA. from east to west the length of forest is 21 Km.
Located in the southwest corner of Sri Lanka. 40 km inland from the historic city of Galle. The sinharaja bird waves are the longest studied, largest in the world and offer the best viewing. 29 of the island,s 33 endemics have been recorded here making it an “endemic birding hotspot”

In our Sri Lanka adventure tour, we include Sinharaja rainforest with an overnight stay in a nearby hotel. The travellers have the opportunity to spend a day in Sinharaja, you will find that Sinharaja is incomparable to anything that you have seen before, and the fauna and flora, mountains, borderland villages that are hidden in the jungle will be amazing travel memories.


endemic bird include the Ceylon Spurfowl, Ceylon Junglefowl, Ceylon wood pigeon, Red-Face Malkoha,Ceylon Hanging parrot, Ceylon Hill-Myna, Ceylon Small Barbet, Yellow-Fronted Barbet, Ceylon Grey Hornbill, Ashy-headed Laughingthrush, Ceylon Cested Drango, Black-capped Bulbul and Ceylon Rufous and Brown-capped Babblers.
Half of srilanka’s endemic mammals and bitter flies are found here. Purple-faced Leaf Monkey and Grizzed indian Squirrel are most popular animals while visitors. Endemic lizards include the endangered whisting Lizard and rough-noesd Horned Lizard.

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