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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the island of wonder and the epitome of beauty is unique in picturesque views of her natural environment. Your wistful eyes can perceive the comeliness of the splendid island, Sri Lanka. It is a bless to visit Sri Lanka and to witness her glory and to feel the fresh air while experiencing varying climates that makes any time of the year the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka accounts for more than 3000 years old history and this will give you the opportunity to take a long walk back to historical sites with its ruins that possess immeasurable value to Sri Lankan heritage. Sri Lanka being a small island, fully fledged with a range of adventures, will give you the chance to experience the thrills from the top of the mountains to the deep depths of the oceans. Seekers of creative ideas go out walking in the untrodden paths in nature that expands mountains, lush green creepy forests, humble paddy fields and a glimpse at her green beauty makes keen hikers and trekkers realize that they are in haven where they can feel most alive.

Water sports and awe striking adventure are the prime gifts of the island, Sri Lanka, and that from which its thrills arise. White water rafting will soothe the desires of adventure in your souls. Canoeing, abseiling, canyoneering, and camping are some of the best thrills that you can experience. Sri Lanka is also an oasis for bird watching with an incredible 33 species of endemic birds and all bird watching enthusiasts can take safari tours in to forests and national parks. Birding in Sri Lanka will give you the best opportunity to enhance remarkable wild life photography along with butterfly and dragonfly watching.

Sri Lanka also attracts all kinds of surfers, swimmers, and sun bathers by her azure seas that are bestowed with cool breeze and salt air. Whale and dolphin watching will amaze you in the oceans filled with coral gardens. Exotic fishes and ancient wrecks in Sri Lanka give miraculous experience for the divers while unique fishing techniques used by Sri Lankan fishermen are challenging in some locations. To get a paradisiacal experience of being in an island within an island with mind blowing nights spent in camps, one should certainly visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, a country with a rich and a vast cultural diversity can give you the best experience of enjoying diverse festivals. Colorful festivals of the country that are molded by Sri Lankan culture, religion and tradition will make you realize the friendly nature of Sri Lankans while art, architecture, sculptures and even food reflects the simple way of life of Sri Lankans filled with humility and happiness